The best software for NEMT is RouteGenie

Patients with individual characteristics in most cases require not only appropriate care but also safe transportation. So, when the doctor appoints a non-urgent appointment for a specific date and time, it is necessary to ensure the organization of the patient’s transportation.

If earlier only a person could cope with this issue, now the new RouteGenie solution will help. It is a fully automated platform that interacts with the passenger and driver as efficiently as possible. There will no longer be a need to use human resources, which means that the time for organizing trips is reduced significantly. 

The RouteGenie platform is an intelligent solution featuring automatic patient assessment. All the individual needs of passengers are taken into account, which means that the type of transport is automatically selected for its transportation to a doctor’s appointment. Now there is no need to contact dispatching services because all the necessary actions can be done in a few clicks and in just a couple of minutes.

The RouteGenie app for NEMT assures that a patient with specific needs gets a fully compatible vehicle. If necessary, the vehicle can be equipped with a wheelchair or stretcher. Moreover, the qualified assistance of a medical professional is provided to arrange transportation. 

With the help of this solution, people who cannot use public transport will be able to get an appointment with a specialist as safely as possible, without problems and on time. The modern platform automatically detects what type of car a particular patient needs, and also selects a qualified driver. The timeliness of each trip is guaranteed thanks to: 

  • a clear optimization of time, taking into account the traffic situation, 
  • good traffic and vehicle condition.

NEMT companies that are engaged in such non-urgent transportation of passengers can now significantly save time. In addition, savings on labor resources are provided: it is possible to partially or completely reduce the staff of employees who receive requests by phone from patients. Now the RouteGenie software does it all, with an intuitive interface.


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